27th July 2018

CRM Alliance Quarterly Newsletter – Summer Edition

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In this issue:

  • CRM Day September 2018 – Do not forget to register;
  • Critical Raw Materials for the Defence Industry: A dialogue with policymakers;
  • CRM Day March 2018 – Challenges to Primary & Secondary Production of CRMs;
  • EUROALLIAGES speaks at the REACH Enforcement Summit Europe;
  • 2018 Antimony Day on the importance of flame retardants;
  • T.I.C. hosts its 59th General Assembly;
  • IMA publishes its newsletter;
  • MMTA – New Crucible now available;
  • Raw Materials Week – Preliminary Programme;
  • Delivering on the EU action plan for Circular Economy;
  • Circular Economy Package – CRMs specifically targeted;
  • EU boosts investments in research and innovation on raw materials;
  • Report on Raw Material for Battery Applications published;
  • Rare Earth Elements among the targets of Trump’s new tariffs;
  • U.S. adopts official list of critical minerals;
  • Upcoming EU elections.

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