30th July 2019

CRM Alliance Quarterly Newsletter – Summer Edition

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In this edition:

CRM Alliance Updates

  • Save the Date CRM Day – Critical Raw Material policies for a Sustainable Europe
  • i2a hosts 3rd edition of Sb Day
  • IMA Magnesium Newsletter is out
  • 2019 Magnesium Awards
  • JSW awards special scholarships to best mining students
  • MMTA’s June Crucible released
  • Hong Kong will will be the setting of TIC’s 60th Annual Conference
  • Fertlizers Europe welcomes EU Fertlizing Products Regulation
  • CRM Alliance partners with Roskill.


  • EU Raw Materials Week 2019
  • Launch of the Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA)
  • EU publishes report on the recovery of CRMs from waste and landfills
  • EU HORIZON 2020 challenges on CRMs open
  • Due Diligence Ready! – supporting responsible sourcing of minerals and metals
  • Batteries, batteries, batteries
  • U.S. releases strategy to ensure secure and reliable supply of critical minerals
  • Report on state of play of EU-U.S. trade talks released
  • High-level Industrial Roundtable delivers Report on Industry Vision 2030
  • 2019 European Innovation Scoreboard – EU’s performance better than the U.S.
  • Implementation and enforcement: a MUST for EU 2030 Chemicals Policy
  • Council calls for a sustainable EU chemicals policy strategy
  • EU and Mercosur trade talks deliver agreement
  • EU report praises EU trade defence measures
  • Race to EU’s top jobs
  • Finland begins its Presidency on sustainability and circularity
  • Project CERA to create certification for raw materials
  • European Commission and ESA enhance Space Technology Activities.

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