14th March 2019

CRM Alliance Quarterly Newsletter: Spring Edition

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CRM Alliance Updates

  • CRM Day – “Transitioning to a low carbon and energy efficient economy: Battery Raw Materials vs. CRMs behind the scene”
  • The Cobalt Industry develops its Responsible Assessment Framework (CIRAF)
  • BeST receives award as EU-OSHA official campaign partner
  • i2A to comment on the TLV proposed by ACGIH on ATO
  • ECOPHOS elected as 2019 Trends Gazelle
  • IMA and CRM Alliance at WerkstoffPlusAuto
  • The Magnesium News 2019 February edition is out
  • JSW’s charitable activity
  • MMTA’s February Crucible released
  • TIC Bulletin n. 176 – January 2019 is here
  • The 2030 Europe Fertilizer Industry Vision

CRM News

  • Four key messages emerging from the EU Industry Days
  • EU Industrial Policy: Success stories from the European Commission
  • The EU discusses the results of the Circular Economy Action Plan
  • Sustainable Development: Europe will have to focus on CRMs
  • Platform to drive research and innovation in the field of batteries launched
  • EU institutions turn to boosting innovative clean technologies
  • Mandate to start U.S. – EU talks subject to conditions
  • The European Defence Industrial Development Project to be launched soon
  • Portal on medical devices to help with the two new Regulations
  • Secondary political groups to gain importance in the next European Parliament elections
  • Screening investments to protect strategic sector

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