The CRM Alliance has been created by industry to advocate the importance of CRMs for the European economy and to promote a strong European CRM policy, whilst speaking against government driven substitution initiatives.


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Upcoming events

IPMI’s 40th Annual Conference
11-14 June 2016, Arizona, United States

EU Advanced Mining Countries RMD Event – Exchange of Best Practices on Mining Policies and Technologies
28-29 June 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Industrial Minerals International Congress & Exhibition 2016
13-15 June 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

Argus Americas Rare Earths Summit 2016 
14-16 June 2016, Colorado, United States  

18th International Metallurgy & Materials Congress
29 September-1 October 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

24th World Mining Congress 
18-21 October 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Horizon 2020 Calls & Projects

Innovative Actions on Raw Materials  
Deadline: First Stage 8 March 2016, Second Stage 6 September 2016


  • “Industry is at the heart of Europe and indispensable for finding solutions to the challenges of our society, today and in the future. Europe needs industry and industry needs Europe. We must tap into the full potential of the Single Market, its 500 million consumers and its 20 million entrepreneurs.”

    Antonio TajaniVice-President of the European Commission

Joining the CRM Alliance

The CRM Alliance is the representative body international primary producers, traders and associations of CRMs. Through its membership, the CRM Alliance represents almost all of the 20 listed critical raw materials and we are steadily growing.

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